Port Status Check

Check the status of your Number Transfer to boom! MOBILE

If you have a Port that is pending, please check it here. If you need to update Port information, please contact support.

If your Port Status is "Completed" your service is active and ready to use. 

If your Port Status is "Pending" we are waiting for your current service provider to release the number to us. 

Better Celluar

Get the coverage you want

boom! MOBILE offers access to the networks you need at a fair price!

boom! BLACK

Powered by our CloudSIM technology, boom! BLACK has access to multiple mobile networks without using a SIM.

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boom! RED

Get on the most reliable network with nationwide 5G included at no extra cost, along with LTE

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boom! PURPLE

Have a 5G phone? Choose PURPLE for super fast 5G Speeds! Your 4G device will also work if its GSM compatible.

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