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boom! Mobile offers mobile phone coverage from coast-to-coast plus 5G and LTE where available.

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These maps are not a guarantee of coverage and contain areas of no service, and are a general prediction of where rates apply based on our internal data. Wireless service is subject to network and transmission limitations, including cell site unavailability, particularly near boundaries and in remote areas. Customer equipment, weather, topography, and other environmental considerations associated with radio technology also affect service, and service may vary significantly within buildings. Some information on service outside the proprietary network, and we cannot vouch for its accuracy

boom! PURPLE offers one of the largest data capacity services in America. Join other customers in choosing one of the fastest growing networks. boom! PURPLE works with T-Mobile compatible phones, and most other AT&T, GSM Phones.

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boom! MOBILE offers access to the networks you need at a fair price!

boom! BLACK

Powered by our CloudSIM technology, boom! BLACK has access to multiple mobile networks without using a SIM.

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boom! RED

Get on the most reliable network with nationwide 5G included at no extra cost, along with LTE

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boom! PURPLE

Have a 5G phone? Choose PURPLE for super fast 5G Speeds! Your 4G device will also work if its GSM compatible.

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